Splash Car Wash Opens 17th Location!

Splash Car Wash Opens 17th Location!

Splash Car Wash, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, today announced the opening of their 17th location in Southbury, Connecticut. The site, formerly operated as Southbury Car Care, includes a wash tunnel, an oil change, and detailing facility.

Splash closed for two days to convert the automated tunnel to a hand wash on conveyor similar to ten of its other locations. “We have several other renovations planned,” added Mark Curtis, CEO of Splash, “but we wanted to stay open to service the customers of Southbury during the holidays. We still have improvements to make to the wash tunnel and the store, but we’ll try to do that while remaining open.”

Splash Hand Washes combine the benefit of a hand wash with the speed of a conveyorized operation. “We’ve been washing cars by hand since 1994 and we have really gotten it down to a science. We use special Simoniz soaps and lammswool mitts to clean the car – there’s nothing safer for your car. And because we do it on line, we can provide a hand wash with vacuum and windows in less than 15 minutes,” stated Curtis.

Customers will be able to join Splash Rewards – its affinity program that allows members to gain benefits like their 10th wash free and a free rewash after 3 days of a fully paid wash. Customers can take advantage of Rewards at any of its 17 locations and the Rewards Program is free to join.

Splash is entering its 34th year of operations having started with a single location in Greenwich in 1981. It now operates 19 wash tunnels at 17 locations and six oil change facilities in Connecticut and New York. Splash was recognized as tied for the 12th largest carwash operation in the United States by Professional Carwash & Detailing Magazine in its November issue.